why give?

You know you like us...or maybe it's the music that drives you...nah, it's us...admit it. 

But seriously, when you give to Citywater, you are part of something truly special. You become a patron of the arts in the truest sense. All music was new once, and it always relied on patrons for its existence, whether it was the Margrave of Brandenburg to JS Bach, or the Archduke Rudolf to Beethoven. You become part of the music history we are making RIGHT NOW when you donate. You become part of bringing brand new music into existence that otherwise might not ever be heard or even written. You are supporting the composer/ensemble relationship by helping us pay living composers and living wage. And you can be sure that 100% of every donation is going to the performers and composers, and into the production costs of the concerts. And we're a small organization, so a little goes a long way! Speaking of which...

where does your money go?

Here's what you help us cover with your donation: $5 buys Milun a bass clarinet reed! $50 re-hairs Tim's bow (he does tend to rock out on our concerts and needs to re-hair his bow kinda often...) $300 records a concert. $500 sponsors a performer. $1000 means you clearly believe in what we are doing and you are getting a personal phone call and we'll very likely invite you out to have beer with us. $2000...somebody had to pay for Beethoven's 5th...you just might be doing that in the 21st century. $5000 sponsors a whole concert...in fact, we may just have to do a house concert just for you and your chosen guest list...if you've got room for the percussion set-up!


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