Mission Statement

Citywater is Sacramento’s only ensemble dedicated to contemporary classical music. We strive to charm and challenge our audiences with the newest music written. Our main purpose is to fold Sacramento into the fabric of new American music history writ large.

It all started when...

Ben Prima asked some friends to play Steven Mackey's Micro Concerto with him on his recital. Weeks of long rehearsals at odd hours in crowded percussion studios ensued, all of which culminated in a stellar performance. Sitting backstage, we all seemed to realize at the same time what a blast it was to work together so hard on something so rewarding. Years later, we're still at it!

Citywater comprises the aforementioned Ben Prima on all things percussion, Jennifer Reason on piano, Amy Lindsey on violin, Timothy Stanley on cello, Milun Doskovic on clarinets of all sizes, and Cathie Apple on flutes of varying lengths and pitches.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working closely with many composers, often on a work commissioned by or written for us. Aside from having a ton of fun with Steven Mackey, we've collaborated with Nicholas Deyoe, Garrett Shatzer, Ryan Suleiman, Zachary Watkins, Clare Shore, Sunny Knable, Stephen Blumberg, Alexandra Gardner, Patrick Burke, Bill Clark, Richard Cionco,  Pauline Oliveros, and I hope I'm not leaving anyone out!

As the Sacramento State School of Music's Ensemble-in-Residence, we also get to work with student composers, as well as with featured guest composers of the Festival of New American Music, held annually at Sac State for over 40 years! 

In addition to working with incredible composers, we've gotten to collaborate with some truly phenomenal guest artists! Blues guitarist Greg Glazner and jazz vocalist David Saul Lee, saxophonist Alan Theisen, vocalists Stephanie Aston and Leslie Leytham, violinist Sandro Ladu, percussionist Boyce Jeffries, conductor Paolo Reyes, a cappella choir RSVP...and that's just in the last few years!

Citywater performs all over Sacramento and the surrounding area. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!



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