Big DoG 2019!

Winter is over, and that means that the 2019 Big Day of Giving is coming soon. Be sure to put a big star in your calendars on May 2nd, because Citywater is participating again!

Here is a message from the President of Citywater’s Board, Dan Sackheim (who has been with us from the very beginning!):

We know that you know that music makes life better.

Music is a living art; it has always grown and evolved.

Citywater is Sacramento's only new music ensemble.

You, as a Citywater donor, help bring new music to new and experienced listeners.

You, as a Citywater donor, play a key part in all stages of this creative process!

You help fund the creation of new pieces.

You help sponsor concerts where these pieces have their world premieres.

Save the date and watch for big news from Citywater in the coming weeks.

Visit our Website. Follow us on Facebook...and watch for BDOG details.

Support and join our friends at Citywater in making this world a little better.

Here is the link to our profile on the Big Day of Giving website. Just click on that link on May 2nd to donate to Citywater! It's that easy.

More details coming soon!

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