It's the Big Day of Giving!!

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far! You are helping to make this our best year yet!

And, not that you donated just to get a gift, we’ve got some special thank yous:

  • All first-time donors receive a Citywater CD.

  • Donors who give up to $100 receive a Citywater button and stickers.

  • Donations above $100 receive all of the above, plus a colorful new Citywater Tee.

  • Donors who give above $150 receive all of above, plus a pint glass emblazoned with the Citywater logo.

  • Donors who give $300 and above will receive two VIP tickets to the May 17, 2019 concert (see below!) and a Citywater tote bag to hold all of the above.

  • Donors who give $500 and above will, in addition to all of the aforementioned goodies (stickers, buttons, pint glass, T-shirt, tote bag, and VIP tickets), be recognized as co-sponsors of a Citywater performance.

  • Donors who give $1000 will be recognized as co-underwriters of an entire Concert, and get all of the aforementioned goodies (stickers, buttons, pint glass, T-shirt, tote bag, and VIP tickets). 

You might be wondering what those VIP tickets are all about! That’s our upcoming concert on May 17th at CLARA! If you need to get MORE tickets, click on THIS LINK!!!

And now, a message from the epically-bearded, soon-to-be-clean-shaven Director of Operations, Tim Stanley:

Hello Citywater Fans!

Please join us on May 17th when Citywater will premiere a new work by Griffin Candey, titled “Buckboard Charlie.” (Composed just for Citywater!)

In addition to that, we will be premiering the second movement of Christina Rusnak’s Oregon Trail work. We performed the first movement in Vallejo last summer at the Visions of the Wild Festival. Lastly, the venue for our concert is also a new one for us. It will be held at CLARA as part of the Midtown Vanguard Jazz Series. The other pieces in the concert are from Professor Rusnak’s colleagues from the Landscape Music Composers Collective, which creates music inspired by the natural wonders of our planet. This concert is not to be missed! Help us by being a part of new classical music created and performed in Sacramento. 

Tim Stanley
Cellist and Director of Operations, Citywater

Thank you everyone for all of your support! It means everything to us!

Photo credit: Jonathan Reveles

Photo credit: Jonathan Reveles

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